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Nurses and Midwives have been described as not just caregivers, but also innovators, problem solvers and leaders.

This description was made by the Provost Edo State College of Nursing Sciences Prof. Patricia Ukaigwe during the Entrepreneurship Day and Fund Raising Ceremony organised by the Entrepreneurship Development Centre of the College.

According to the Provost, the programme is aimed at providing students as well as members of the community the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to embark on their entrepreneurial journey with confidence and determination as some who possess clinical expertise and entrepreneurial acumen identify unmet needs in healthcare and are in the forefront of driving charge, development as such creating innovative medical devices and improving patient outcomes.

In her words, “the state of the economy suggests that one must plan ways to survive, and must learn legitimate ways to make a living. Furthermore, as we foster a culture of entrepreneurship within EDOCNS community, we not only create opportunities for professional growth and development but also drive positive change within our ecosystem.”

Prof. Ukaigwe who noted that every person has the potential to become a successful entrepreneur, said participants will be empowered to turn their ideas into reality and their entrepreneurial dreams through workshops, mentorship opportunities, networking events and access to funding and that entrepreneurship is not limited to any particular field of discipline.

She called on students, from all academic backgrounds as well as Faculty and Staff of Edo State College of Nursing Sciences to embrace the opportunity to explore the possibilities that entrepreneurship offers.

The first keynote speaker Dr. Godwin Ehigiamusoe the founder of LAPO in his speech said, there is no one with special DNA to being an entrepreneur and no one is also barred from being an entrepreneur whether due to age, educational background or gender.

He identified resourcefulness, and proper thinking ability as basic skills for one to become a successful entrepreneur, adding that the ability to identify a problem and thinking of how to solve the problem for a fee along with the right attitude and reliance on God, are what an individual needs to be become an entrepreneur.

On his part, the second keynote speaker Pastor Dr. Chris Eromonsele CEO. Havilah Towers and Suites identified lack of skills for the lack of financial freedom prevalent in the society today.

According to Dr. Eromonsele, everyone should develop one or more skills in order to be useful to oneself and the society at large adding that entrepreneurship is the way to combat the harsh financial reality of the day.

He advised all to avoid distractions to their dreams, that they should be frugal with finance, diligence punctual and work hard so that their business can thrive.

There were goodwill messages from the Honourable Commissioner for Health Dr. Samuel Ali and Barr. Asue Ighodalo campaign organization.

Participants were given the opportunity to ask questions in order to clear gray areas

Highpoint of the Entrepreneurship Day and Fund Raising Ceremony with the theme “Empowering Dreams, Overcoming Challenges, Nurturing Success- Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship, from Campus to to Commerce” was exhibition of item made by students of EDOCNS.